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Manufactured Stone

Natural stones can dramatically improve the aesthetic appeal of your home or property. They are commonly used for interior and outdoor improvement projects because of their outstanding qualities. However, you will need a huge budget to realize this setup because of the material and labor costs. Aside from the cost, you will also need expert stone masons to guarantee the correct installation of these masonry materials. But why worry about these things if you have another great option? You can have beautiful stone structures inside and outside of your home without putting a hole in your pocket. Our recommended material is manufactured stone.

Manufactured stone is preferred by many contractors and DIY homeowners because of their excellent features. They don't just mimic the look of natural stones but also designed to last a lifetime. Manufactured or faux stones are made from quality raw materials and manufactured using the latest technology. When installed by professionals and maintained properly, they can last for years and even decades. So if you are working on a home improvement project or a contractor building a new home or commercial property for your client, you need to consider this material. Your property will not only look attractive and cozy but also increase its market value. Call Carson Masonry and Steel Supply now at 775-882-3832 to inquire about the available designs in our inventory and our client-friendly pricing scheme.

Extensive Collection of Manufactured Stone

Many contractors in Northern Nevada and nearby areas choose us because of our extensive collection of manufactured stones. We also maintain a large inventory of manufactured stone so we can easily meet the requirements of DIY homeowners, hardscapes and building contractors. By getting your needed stones from us, you will not experience any stalled installation project. We will deliver your orders based on agreed schedule and ensure that they are checked by our personnel before loading on our delivery trucks.

Our extensive collection of manufactured stone includes top brands like Coronado, Creative Mines, Cultured Stone, and El Dorado Stone. The premium quality stones from these companies are proven durable, stylish, and long-lasting. They also offer different design collection to suit the needs and requirements of both homeowners and contractors. In fact, we've been receiving excellent feedback from our past clients who used these materials in their projects. Some of the most sought-after stone designs in our collection include Craft Collection, which include board foam, broken rubble, and orchard limestone. Our Cultured Stone brand also offer elegant stone designs like the Southern ledgestone, Country ledgestone, dressed fieldstone, and dry stack ledgestone. Other great options include Rustic ledge, mountain ledge, and country rubble.

To get our complete list and pricing schedule, please call 775-882-3832.

Southern Ledgestone Dressed Fieldstone Country Ledgestone River Rock Stream Stone Drystack Ledgestone Manufactured Stone Rustic Ledge Mountain Ledge Fieldledge Country Rubble River Rock Stacked Stone Manufactured Stone
Creative Mines

Cultured Stone

Eldorado Stone


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