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Brick is one of the masonry materials that we highly recommend to our clients. With its classic look and natural beauty, you can easily have an appealing amenity without spending huge on installation cost. Brick is also an extremely durable material so you can expect it to last a lifetime. You only need to perform simple maintenance works, such as cleaning and sealing, to maintain the beauty of the brick surface. Replacement of damage units is also easy since it doesn't require total removal of the brick wall or floor surface. Bricks will definitely provide the beauty and functionality that you want from an indoor or outdoor amenity. But make sure to get these masonry products from trusted manufacturers and suppliers. At Carson Masonry and Steel Supply, we have a great selection of bricks from leading manufacturers in the country. Just call us at 775-882-3832 or visit our showroom to see our huge inventory of premium quality bricks.

Why Choose Bricks?

A lot of Nevada contractors and designers still use bricks for their projects, particularly in residential and commercial properties. We can't blame them since bricks have a unique appeal that is not present in other types of masonry materials. Property owners will also enjoy tougher walls and elegant floor surfaces because of the inherent toughness and beauty of clay bricks. Manufacturers are also offering better products because of modern technologies and manufacturing techniques. Most of the brick products in the market today meet and even exceed the industry's established standards.

Here are some more reasons why you should install bricks in your property:

  • eco-friendly masonry materials
  • cheaper compared to natural stones
  • extremely durable material
  • available in various colors, sizes and patterns
  • easy to install and maintain
  • lower maintenance cost
  • classic appeal
  • recyclable material
  • indoor and outdoor applications
  • weather and fire resistant material

Offering the Finest Brick Products

At Carson Masonry and Steel Supply, we only sell topnotch brick products to our valued clients. Our large product inventory includes some of the best brands and brick manufacturers in the country. We have products suited for architectural applications and custom-designed amenities. You can even have your own personalized theme with our extensive collection of bricks. We also have thin bricks for walls and other vertical structures in residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Some of the brands that we highly recommend are El Dorado, Cultured Stone, and Robinson Brick.

Call Carson Masonry and Steel Supply now at 775-882-3832 or drop by at our showroom during your most convenient time. We will be happy to show you our premium brick collection.

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Robinson Brick

Robinson Brick

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Cultured Stone

Areas served Northern Nevada and much of CA including the following towns and cities:
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