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Interlocking Paver Stones

Are you looking for a reliable supplier of concrete pavers in the Northern Nevada area? Do you want elegant and durable outdoor amenities that will not require a huge budget? Then, contact us at Carson Masonry and Steel Supply. We offer top-quality interlocking paver stones at client-friendly rates. We carry top brands and maintain a huge inventory to meet the needs of our local clients. We urge you to visit our showroom to see for yourself our premium paver collection. Our staff will help you choose the perfect paver design or theme that will complement with the existing architecture of your home or property. We've been supplying the masonry needs of local contractors in the state, so we have the capabilities to meet your project requirements.

Excellent Features of Interlocking Paver Stones

Most contractors recommend the use of interlocking pavers because of their outstanding features. If you are a DIY homeowner, you should also try this particular type of paving material. Interlocking paver stones are proven durable and long-lasting, so you can enjoy your outdoor amenities for decades without needing major repair or replacement. They are easy to install compared to asphalt paving and concrete slabs. Today, large paving projects can be completed in a few days with the use of modern paving equipment.

Other outstanding benefits of interlocking paver stones:

  • cost-effective paving materials
  • long-lasting appeal with their fade - and slip-resistant qualities
  • create elegant outdoor features and amenities
  • easy to install with their interlocking feature
  • available in various designs, colors, textures, sizes, and patterns
  • cheaper to maintain and require minimal maintenance work
  • can withstand extreme weather conditions
  • perfect for outdoor living areas such as patios and pool decks
  • high load-bearing capability, making them perfect materials for driveways, sidewalks, and private roadways

Choose the Best Interlocking Paver Manufacturers

At Carson Masonry and Steel Supply, we carefully choose the products we sell to ensure the satisfaction of our clients. We source our interlocking paver stones from premier paver manufacturers in the country. Our suppliers use state-of-the art facilities and modern manufacturing methods, so the quality of each paver unit is guaranteed. Aside from using the finest raw materials, some of our suppliers use eco-friendly manufacturing processes to lower their carbon footprint. By getting your pavers from us, you are also helping the environment. We are proud to offer you top-quality brands such as Olsen Pavingstone, Angelus Pavingstone, Basalite Interlocking Pavers, and Alliance Designer Products Inc.

Please call 775-882-3832 now for your inquiries and orders.

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Areas served Northern Nevada and much of CA including the following towns and cities:
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